About Safe Yakima Valley?


Thank you, Yakima!

The Safe Yakima Valley Drug Free Action Team Coalition invited you to help clean up our neighborhoods county-wide, and what a great job you did! More than 170 people signed up to help clean our local streets and neighborhoods, and dedicated 450 hours of time. The result was amazing. Sarah J at KFFM shared the news and gave more than 50 prizes away on-air to Neighborhood Clean-up Participants. You picked up trash, debris and drug paraphernalia in our parks, neighborhoods, streets, and alleys.  Afterward, we heard how nice our valley looked for weeks.

If you missed this great opportunity to participate, mark your calendars for Spring Cleaning with Safe Yakima Valley. We’ll bring together our Drug Free Communities Coalition, local businesses, service clubs and families dedicated to creating a more beautiful community when the weather warms back up in 2021.

Can you make a difference in Yakima? Absolutely yes. Thank you to those who participated in the 2020 Keepin’ it Safe Neighborhood Cleanup. We hope you’ll join us again in 2021 and invite your friends, families, co-workers and acquaintances. Together we can keep Yakima County beautiful!